Thoughtful and supportive

We are passionate about our work and understand the importance of providing your beloved companion the best possible care at all times. You can expect a thoughtful and supportive approach from all staff members. We always welcome feedback from our clients, in order to continually improve our services.

Danny Beckley
"My Best Mate Dozer.
I write this email with tears in my eyes for i had unfortunate choice of putting my best mate my Dozer to the eternal sleep at the beginning of the year it was the hardest decision of my life, I had my Dozer since he was 6 weeks old and he was 8 years old when I had to say goodbye, the vets tried to save him but they told me there was nothing they could do for him and the most humane thing for me to do for euthanize him hardest decision ever took me a while to sign form to give vet permission to euthanize him, as she was putting in injection she told me to talk to him at which point i said I love you buddy and i will never forget you, then she said those two horrible words he's gone at which point i burst into tears, when they approached me about what I wanted to do with his remains there was only one option for cremation. I know the team at Pets Eternal would treat him as part of their family and love him as much as i did in life. I want to say thank you to Robyn and Raewyn for their kind and compassionate and understanding me even when i was a blubbering mess, and the way he was presented in a gold urn with a gold paw print a lock of his fur and a candle with his name on it absolutely exceptional thank you so much for giving my beautiful Dozer the send off he deserved and Nola was so caring when she delivered his urn even though i was in tears she played amazing grace bagpipes version and gave me a hug when I was in tears then presented me with his urn and a beautiful card with his gold paw print, thank you Pets Eternal for such an amazing service on my boys final moments on this earth I would highly recommend you to anyone five star service and your team are amazing beautiful people thank you so much. kind regards Danny Beckley"
Stacey Pickles
"I would like to thank your whole team for their care and compassion.
We lost our much loved Beau on 7th January and I was comforted by the way that your team treated my baby girl. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone that I spoke to and I was comforted by the professional way that your team was able to help me organise everything that I wanted even when I was crying too much to speak. You understood that to us she was more than just a dog, she was a very important part of our family. I appreciated that my fiancé and I were able to pick her up from the vets which we could do together instead of having her bought home where there would have only been one of us there for her homecoming. I wish to thank you for making the necessary arrangements for this to happen. More recently we lost our boy Bully and once again your team was absolutely amazing. The compassion and understanding that we were given were outstanding. It was no trouble for you to arrange for us to collect him from the vets and even when we changed our minds and came to you to pick him up, we never once felt that it was any problem for you to rearrange everything for us. We bought our fur baby Jade with us when we picked up Bully and she was made to feel welcome even though she is a bit of a boofhead. Again your team were amazing and we were made to feel that our Bully was important not only to us but to you guys as well. Last week I called you to arrange for my sister's dog Missy to be picked up and bought to you. Again I was treated with the utmost respect and am glad that my sister is going to be able to bring her girl home with your help. I am sorry that I do not remember any names of the people that I spoke to on these occasions, my mind was not really processing things that well. I just wanted you to know that you helped us during some very difficult times and I cannot begin to express how much we appreciate it. Our two fur babies are now home with us and together again. Thank you for all of your understanding during these very difficult times."
Karen Greinke
"Thank you all at Pets Eternal.
It is with tears in my eyes that I write this email to thank you all at Pets Eternal for the patience, compassion, understanding, and genuine love which you bestowed upon our baby Banjo, and our family, upon the passing of this very very special member of our family. It was only after the return of his ashes, so beautifully presented, that I could feel any sort of closure after our loss. We continue to burn his candle every night, even though he grew his wings on the 4th night, to keep him safe and in our hearts. Every time I pass his urn i give him a little pat, also in the morning when I leave for work and in the afternoon when i arrive home. As difficult as it is, the one thing I tell anyone who asks is that his passing was as beautiful as it could have possibly been, with the assistance of Pets Eternal, I cannot recommend you highly enough. I would especially like to thank Richard and Leisha, they are truly a credit to the company, it is their calling I am sure. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."
"The service which you provide is fantastic.
I am writing to you to thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service. Our dog a seven year old female springer spaniel passed away at the above address early on Friday afternoon. I Rang Brighton Veterinary Clinic and asked them if they could give me a company whom provides a service for cremation of dogs. They gave me your number. I rang and by 4pm a lovely man Greg called and picked up Karla. He spent a considerable amount of time here with my son Nicholas and myself. Nothing was too much trouble. On Sunday 20th I rang a number provided on your brochure and spoke to a woman Brenda. She was really helpful indeed. Karla arrived back here at home on Thursday afternoon. The service which you provide is fantastic. Thank you all especially Greg and Brenda for the kindness which was shown to us."
Stacey (KC’s mum) Al (KC’s dad) Debbie (KC’s aunty)
"My family and I will be forever grateful.
My family and I lost KC in the early hours of Thursday morning, he was 16yrs and 11mths old. I had told the vet I wanted Pets Eternal to take care of him, and they said they would arrange everything for me. Every time I had contact with Pets Eternal, it made me feel happy knowing my baby boy was being looked after until I had him back home again. It has been so hard for me over these last few days, KC took a piece of my heart with him when he passed away, no one will ever fill that hole again. It is good to finally have KC home again, I find myself looking over at his final resting place and saying hello to him. I would like this chance to say a big thankyou to everyone who took care of KC and for showing him the dignity and respect in death that he had with his family in life. My family and I will be forever grateful. Thankyou"
Yvonne Dand
"You are worth your weight in gold.
On Friday night we lost our dearest and most treasured cat, Chloe. I bought her 19 years ago for $35, the best money I ever spent. Losing her has left us all devastated and it feels as though our hearts have been ripped right out of our chests. The lady at the vet told me she would call “Pets Eternal” to take care of …everything for me….I had no idea what a wonderful service I was about to experience. I spoke to Tania on Saturday morning who told me that Chloe had arrived and she would take care of her. Knowing that Chloe was with someone who was so thoughtful, understanding and compassionate really did help me… Tania, you are fabulous. This afternoon Chloe was brought home to me and we are about to light her candle…Pets Eternal…You are worth your weight in gold"
Annette and Bethany Green
" would like to thank everyone at Pets Eternal
I would like to thank everyone at Pets Eternal, for their wonderful service, in looking after our cat Honey. My first contact with PE was about a year ago, after our vet told us Honey had chronic kidney failure & it was a terminal condition. I rang to enquire about the procedure and costs and was greeted by a lady was very considerate and caring. I remember thinking, yes, this is the company, I will get to look after our Honey, when the time comes. Unfortunately, the time did come when we had to say goodbye, to our beautiful girl. This was difficult for all of us, particularly, my daughter, Bethany, who had lost her father, just a few years prior. The bond that she had with Honey, helped her get through that loss. So when it was time for her to say goodbye, to Honey as well, it was very heartbreaking! When Aaron, brought Honey, back home to us, she was presented so beautifully. Bethany opened the bag and found, the candle, the card, the poem. It really made us feel that Honey, really had been taken care of! We loved her, and for 17 Years, she had been a loved and loving member of our family. I felt that through the care of PE, that she had been loved and taken care of, even after her death! This was especially important for Bethany, being only 10 years old. The PE, experience, also helped me to teach & demonstrate, to my daughter, that death was indeed a beautiful transition and a natural part of life! As your Company grows, please don’t lose that wonderful caring service, that you give your client’s, as that is what truly sets you apart from other’s in the industry. So again, a very BIG thank you, to Aaron, Alicia and indeed all at Pet’s Eternal! You do a magnificent job, in turning a difficult and sad experience, into a caring and loving one!!"
Donna O’Connor
"I am forever grateful for the support
Farewelling my exquisite Ziza forever has been deeply saddening, leaving such a silent and irreplaceable void in everyday life, but I guess it is a natural exchange when holding such love for any special friend. Whilst the ‘work in progress’ of letting go undeniably continues, there is no doubt that the extraordinary care given by your service has made a profoundly positive contribution. I really feel that all the words in the world cannot do justice to the unconditional compassion and understanding that everyone I encountered was absolutely radiant with. I am forever grateful for the support in pre-planning my girl’s passing and the extraordinary grace which emerged when an awful unforeseen problem required overcoming. Not only did Pets Eternal help with the grief involved – but more significantly, afforded Ziza with the kindness and dignity truly deserved in her final moments. I would like to especially thank Adrienne, for her heroic contribution at a very difficult time. However sorrowful this event has been, it has been the greatest pleasure to meet so many of you wonderful people over the process which followed. All of you are truly a class act! It is said that ‘animals teach us how to be human’, indeed they do. In turn, everyone at Pets Eternal also give invaluable instruction in the essence of humanity – simply by being so authentic, real, and so respectful of all fellow beings. I am truly humbled by the exceptional empathy and awareness. Thank you for being there"