Our People

Our staff are incredibly proud of what they do and are always attentive to the needs of families and their beloved companions.

Organising pet memorial services is a personal and emotional journey, and we are here to help you choose the dignified service that you or your loved ones are looking for, including grief counseling. All of our staff are professional and well qualified with years of experience.


General Manager


Pet Bereavement Specialist/Funeral Director

After 25 years in the veterinary business and 4 years as a zookeeper, Alison started on her journey with Pets Eternal. That was 2004. Over the years the passion for caring for animals and their owners has never diminished. Looking after a pet’s aftercare is just as important as their care throughout their life and making sure they are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve is her highest priority. Backed by an amazing team of caring individuals, Alison is devoted to making sure your beloved pet is cared for from the first contact until they are back home safely with their family. You will find Alison predominantly at the Greenbank site overseeing our burial and funeral services and helping clients through their grief.

Alison currently has 2 cats –  Suki and Rory (who you will often see if you visit our Greenbank office), 7 Alpacas – Weetbix, Snowy, Vali, Gobi, Zac, Joey and Shirl, and 14 Brahma chickens.

Our Team

Office Manager Greenbank


Raewyn joined our team in 2015 after many years working as a veterinary nurse. Her calm and caring nature makes her the perfect person to talk to when you need support. Raewyn’s passion for all animals shines through, but her absolute addiction is cats! She currently has 3 gorgeous felines of her own Elsa a Siamese, Flynn a Siamese and Moki a Burmese x.

Greenbank consultant


Robyn has been with us since 2013 and works 3 days a week while juggling a young son, 3 cats, 2 dogs. Her patience and compassion are two of her strongest assets. Robyn also looks after all of our special orders, making sure our suppliers are of the highest standard.

Telephone Consultant and Driver Greenbank and Burleigh


Leisha joined us back in 2010, starting as a trainee. She is now an integral part of our team, helping us in the Greenbank office 2 days a week, with the rest of her time divided between crematorium preparation and pet transfers. Her eye for detail and dedication to her job, make her perfect for her role here. She has a love for all animals but cattle dogs come very high on her list of perfect pets!

Driver/consultant Brisbane North/Sunshine Coast


Nola has been looking after our beloved vets and clients on the Northside of Brisbane since 2006. Her dedication and compassion have made her a favourite of our long-time clients. She is very well known for her amazing hugs!! Her spare time is spent with her little foxie, her grandchildren and doing crafts and face painting.

Driver/consultant/relief cremator Brisbane- Level 1 Crematorium animal handler - Certified Pet Cremator


Adrian joined our team in 2016 after spending many years veterinary nursing. He has a gentle and caring nature which shines through with everything he does. He is very versatile, looking after the cremations when Steve is on holiday, and he’s also happy to do a little gardening. He planned and built our beautiful Ossuary Memorial area, which is now a peaceful place for clients to rest and reminisce. His spare time is taken up with his 2 daughters, a very active Samoyed and 3 cats!

Driver/consultant Gold Coast - Certified Pet Cremator


Aaron returned to us last year after a few years working elsewhere. He brings with him an understanding of people and the amazing connection we have with our pets. He has a natural caring nature that comes across to everyone who meets him. His spare time is spent playing darts, and spending time with his grandchildren (as many vet nurses have found when he brings out his photos)

Driver/consultant Brisbane


Scott’s journey with us started in 2018 as a part-timer, very quickly changing to full time after only a few months. His caring nature and attention to detail makes him a perfect fit for looking after beloved pets. He combines professionalism with compassion, getting a perfect mix that reassures clients their pet is in very safe hands.

Driver/consultant Brisbane/Gold Coast


Rachael is our newest team member, joining us in 2019. You will see Rachael around the south side of Brisbane and sometimes on the Gold Coast. Her love of animals is immense, taking on rescue dogs that need a little more than normal care. Her energy is boundless and her beautiful way with both animals and pet parents alike is amazing.

Certified Pet Cremator


Steve has been with us since 2006, starting as a part time cremator and maintenance person. He soon progressed to being our full- time cremator at our Greenbank crematorium. He also helps with the preparations for our burials, viewings, paw casts and services. Steve is the unseen backbone that keeps everything running smoothly in the crematorium.

Driver/consultant Gold Coast


Gary joined us in 2021 as a casual to help us out. He has now become an invaluable team member as his care and patience is perfect for his role as a driver/cremation consultant. When not spending time with his 2 and 4 legged family, you will find him playing darts with Aaron! There are many lunchtime “darts meetings”!!

Pet Aftercare and Preparation Coordinator


Sue joined our team to help with the special and delicate job of preparing pets’ ashes to go home. Sue’s attention to detail makes her perfect for this job.
Sue breeds and shows Giant Schnauzers and is a professional groomer as well. This skill helps her to prepare our babies for special viewings when requested.