Grief Counselling

When a cherished pet passes away, it often causes an overwhelming feeling of sadness and heartbreak for the whole family. Grief is the very natural response to the loss of a significant person or thing from our life. The length of time is different for everyone as they move through the process and there is no right or wrong way of doing it.

Grief is natural

It is normal to experience a wide range of feelings when you are grieving such as sadness, guilt, anger, denial, depression and more. The process of grieving for a pet is no different than mourning the death of a human being. The difference lies in the value that is placed on your pet by your family and by society as a whole. It is important not to fault anyone who cannot appreciate the depth of your grief for a pet. The joy found in the companionship of a pet is a blessing not given to everyone.

It is important that you are able to recognise and acknowledge when you may require additional or professional help to deal with your grief. We are committed to training our staff in all areas of grief counselling, with the vision of providing the highest support and care.

Signs of Grief

While some people may be openly expressive, it is important to acknowledge other serious forms of grief which can include:

  • Crying and sadness (or a reluctance to cry)
  • Difficulty concentrating on everyday tasks
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Depression
  • Feeling constantly tense and stressed
  • Losing interest and motivation in normal interests/habits

Grief Counselling Now Available

Pets Eternal now offer professional in house grief counselling. The first session to our clients is completely free of charge for up to thirty minutes and can be offered either over the telephone or in person at our office. These sessions aim to:

  • Help to understand the grieving and mourning process
  • Help to address feelings of depression or conflict
  • Help to adjust and move forward

For anyone who then needs ongoing professional advice and/or counselling, with regard to the loss of their pet,  People and  Pets have qualified counsellors who can provide  a secure and compassionate environment in which you are able to share and work through  your distress – and express not just your pain but what this loss means to you.

For more information on this service please call us on  07 3200 0121 or contact  People and Pets  on 1300 431 450

Here for you during difficult times

Pets Eternal offer professional and compassionate pet memorial services for your cherished companion.

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