My little precious Green Angel, this is so hard for Mummy to just write about you but in your memory and on your 1 year Anniversary it is time to share just a little bit of our love story as to tell our entire story would be endless pages of memories and happiness….

Over Nine years ago I met you for the very first time and instantly fell in love with you the minute I laid my eyes on you. Over the months that passed you ended up in a terrible and cruel environment having been abandoned by your original owner and I was sheerly determined that 1 day, no matter what it took, I would take you away from those circumstances and give you the life and love that you truly deserved. I even told Grandma and Pop I would pay a million dollars for you if that is what it was going take to have you. After a number of months of us all checking on you in that Pet Shop, we did it Min! I decided the only option was to steal you, walk in, place you in that Blue Budgie Cage (which is all I had at the time), put you in the Car and head straight for Grandma and Pop’s and never look back…..and that is just what we did, much to Grandma and Pop’s concerns that I had stolen you but then.….our beautiful journey began…..

Our first 12 months was exceptionally challenging, teaching you what your new life was going to be like, and even more challenging after only having you for 10 months to realise you were very unwell…..then on the 5.12.11 you had to have major surgery to remove some rope that had been caught in your Bowel for quite some time from the ill treatment you had endured prior to me finding you, but we made it through together Min and you were so brave and resilient. Your new life and character could now flourish and the beginning of our true love story began between you and Mummy and you were quick to also make Grandma and Pop just as big a part of this love story.

From then you very quickly became my entire world Min, my precious Green Cargo, my Wingman, the air that I breathed and most of all, my life… did not take me long to realise you were unique, full of enthusiasm, loyal, devoted to your Mummy and full of life and just loved being loved…………then the next stage… began to mimic Mummy which even more quickly turned into amazing and crazy conversations with us all, your infectious laugh, your “hello” every morning to wake me up, calling people a “Silly Billy”, questioning…“what ya say” and “What doin” to everything I would say so I would keep repeating myself for you to then laugh at me, regular visits to Grandma and Pop’s (even though sometimes you got poopy because you just wanted to stay at home), your messiness that was endless, baths, throwing your food everywhere and then pooping on people thinking that was hilarious, talking on the phone to everyone at Mummy’s work and calling them all Grandma (because you called Grandma on the phone everyday), making all the Girls laugh when Mummy used to have to go to Sydney a bit for work and I would put you on speaker and in an instant everyone was laughing, going for your Photo Shoot and if ever I said “no” to something (maybe twice in your lifetime) you would always give me a gob full whilst running around the House like a lunatic, let’s not forget biting the next door neighbor’s Cat on the Nose, saying “seepies” every night when it was time to go to sleep in your bed that you loved, all your stories you began to tell Grandma (well, dobbing me in for whenever I was late home from work) and “what’s Grandma’s say” and let’s not forget Pop (the only one you wanted to be with when you came too from your surgery) always telling Pop you were his “clever clever Boy” and that you were, and when Mummy had to go to Hospital for 16 days and Grandma and Pop bought you up in the Car to the Hospital Carpark to see me and your first words were…..“Where have you been”…..

Let’s not forget all your Toys too Min, you had more Toys than a human child, Blocky (your version of a safety Blanket from day 1), your fluffy Green Piled Mat that you would just sit and play on on the floor for at least 4 hours straight, Jerry the Giraffe, Penny the Penguin, Diggy the Dog and your Farting Reindeer from Grandma and Pop which just one of your many Xmas gifts. There are so so many more things that you said and did Min, I could write pages and pages as these are really just a mere few…..

Then…………unexpectedly, on the morning of Friday the 19.4.19 our world was about to change for forever…..I woke to you being very unwell, frantically I started making calls to every Vet I could get hold of being the Easter public holiday to then very fortunately being able to get hold of our Vet Min. I rushed you down and had you seen to immediately and we had initially hoped you would be ok. You were taken in for some X-Rays to make sure we were not missing anything and you had to be given just a very small amount of anesthetic to do this…..sadly at 11.00am your beautiful fragile heart stopped beating. We tried to get your heart going again Min but your little body called it time…..this is not the way our story was meant to end and I know you didn’t want to go my precious and I had to try an accept you fought as hard as you ever could even though there was just still so much for us to say and do.

The past 12 months have been very hard without you Min…..I had the whole world when I had you and my world has now changed for forever, I still feel so empty, lonely, lost and broken without you here and I really don’t know where to start without you but every day I hope and pray you are watching over us all and will help me find the next journey in my life but rest assured nothing can nor ever will replace the love, bond and time we all shared with you. We will never stop remembering all the good times we shared and you are so so special and precious to us still and we will always hold you close to our hearts. You are so deeply missed every day and will never be forgotten and always cherished. We love you so much little man….. and thank you for picking me, Grandma and Pop to share you vibrant and happy life with, it was such a privilege to have shared your life for the last 8 years and your footprint will remain imprinted in our worlds to treasure for forever. Keep smiling and making everyone laugh up there (try not to be to bossy) and always carry our love with you. Rest in peace our little Angel, you were so brave until the end and you touched everyone’s life who was a part of it my little Angel. Love you always Min and forever in our Hearts…..Mummy, Grandma & Pop xoxox


Over the “Rainbow Bridge” you flew, You were from Heaven, I always knew..….I cherish our time spent together, Til we meet again……I love you forever


The moment that you died, my heart was torn in two, one side filled with heartache, the other died with you.

I often lie awake at night, when the world is fast asleep, and take a walk down memory lane, with tears upon my cheeks,

Remembering you is easy, I do it every day, but missing you is heartache that never goes away.

I hold you tightly within my heart and there you will remain, Until the joyous day arrives, That we will meet again.