Mummy said, “There’s a kitten at the door.” You always had the cutest little kitten meow. Everyone who saw you said you were such a beautiful cat. At first you were scared of us naturally, as we later learned from a neighbour the couple that abandoned you had abused you, but you quickly learned to trust us and became a part of our family. We will forever love you and miss you Little Darling. You loved people laughing, making them laugh and hated when people cried, like when we lost Mummy. You made me a better person as I never had anyone who loved and depended on me like that before. You are my little Sister, my Best friend and my Soul mate. You are our heart, our protector, our life and our greatest love. Be happy in Heaven with Mummy and meeting Nana for the first time as well as Kitty, Pretty boy, Puss-Puss 1 and of course Donnie the duck. You enjoyed watching your duckies on YouTube. We know you’re with us in spirit, especially when Supernatural is on t.v. you’ll be sitting with me watching it too like usual. One day when it’s my time to cross over, we will meet again over Rainbow Bridge; at the Pearly Gates, (the front door) where you will be waiting for us to come home to you.

Til we see you again, RIP Puss-Puss, my Little Darling. xoxoxoxox