we must say goodbye Please understand; we’ve done all we could if there was anything we could do; you know we would I’m sitting right here; gently rub your ears while I talk to you softly; trying to hold back the tears The memories you gave us; we’ll never forget especially the ones; of the day we all met One last hug; and one last kiss you have no idea; how much you’ll be missed To look into your eyes; this one last time you tell me it’s ok; you know it’s your time Close your eyes now; and go to sleep we’ll pray to the Lord; you’re soul he’ll keep Go in peace now; our good friend we’ll stay right here with you; until the end Dream of that special day and time when we’ll meet at the Bridge; and all will be fine We’ll run and play; side by side with a soft warm feeling; deep down inside Your memory will live on; in each one of us you’ll always be number 1; to all of us Have a safe journey; through the night I promise when you awake; you’ll be in God’s light So with heavy hearts; and tears in our eyes just for now Banjo; we say goodbye 19 June 2002 – 08 November 2013